Ethical and Environmental Statement - Treading Lightly

A primary aim of User Experience Design is to tread lightly in doing business - this is more important to us than profitability. We are extremely careful about how we operate and who we choose to work for. Here are some of the ethical and environmental aspects of our business.

The Designers Accord

We are proud to be members of The Designers Accord.

Designer's Accord Logo
The Designers Accord is a coalition of design and innovation firms focused on working together to create positive environmental and social impact. This movement started as a call to arms for designers to engage in the environmental movement with optimism and creativity. We believe it is our obligation to use our knowledge, experience, and reach to positively influence what we design and consume

Our Customers

Our favourite customers are doing something about the environment, whether that is selling bicycles or fitting high efficiency central heating boilers. We want to make an environmental impact so we seek out customers who are making an impact and strive to make them more successful. Together, perhaps we can make a difference.

Ethical Banking with Smile

We are pleased to bank with an ethical bank, Smile Bank, part of the The Co-operative Bank.



All electricity used by User Experience Design is from renewable energy supplied by Good Energy. We also make extensive use of low energy lighting and are in the process of installing security lights with flourescent tubes from B&Q (24W instead of the typical 150W Halogens) and LED spot lights in the kitchen (1W!).


A large proportion of paper used in business is unsustainably sourced. How would you feel if you were to learn that the paper from your printer came from an Indonesian Rainforest which was illegally logged? That is not unusual by any means - to learn more please read Georgina Magin's 'Good Wood Guide' published by Friends of the Earth.

To be responsible about the paper you use, don't be bamboozaled by Logos - there are many that were invented by the wood and paper industry as a greenwash. Whilst not perfect, the FSC logo is the one to look for. Buying 100% Post Conumer recycled paper is good too.

Here's an insight into the paper we purchase:


Food and Water

Our Premises

We work from home! The house has cavity wall insulation, 10 inches of insulation in the loft, a highly insulated steel front door from Lindman, a kitchen made from reclaimed pine (around 100 years old), carpet from British Wool, cork bathroom tiles, energy efficient lighting and many other features.

Nobody's Perfect

We're not perfect though. If you can see how we can tread even more lightly, please let us know.